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I like baking!

The whole house will spread with beautiful aroma that you can’t resist.
Bread is essential in my family daily intake.

 This yeasted bread came out soft and rich, just good enough to be a healthy
breakfast. I bake it the night before so it would be ready in the morning.
Sweet and soft, soft so you can make sandwiches with different filling and
topping, I tried the scrambled egg, or you can cut it in half and toast it a little
then top it with different topping: PB&J, Cream Cheese, butter and jam.

 bb 4 gc

 The dough is very rich, I load it with dried fruit like raisins and cherry then mix
it with yogurt and milk. The yogurt will give the dough softness, besides i like to add vinegar to my baking it will increase the shelf life for bread.


 Rich & Milky Breakfast Bread

 3 1\2 – 4   cup   all-purpose flour
2  teaspoon  dry yeast
1   tablespoon  sugar
1\2  teaspoon  salt
2  tablespoon  brown sugar
1  tablespoon  honey
1\2  cup  plain yogurt
1  whole egg
1\2 cup  of each dried raisin & cherry
1  teaspoon white vinegar
1 cup  whole milk
1 stick of butter

For topping :

1  tablespoon  milk
1  teaspoon honey
1  egg

 Mix 3 1\2 cups of flour with the other ingredients except the milk and the butter, this will form a crumple like.

 Heat the butter with milk and let it warm, add it to flour mix until a dough forms, add tablespoons of flour, knead for about 10 minutes at low-speed (I use kitchen aid).

Continue to knead at your surface  top for a couple of minutes more to form soft and smooth elastic dough. Cover it and set a side to double in size about 1-1 1\2 hours .

bb a gc

 Sprinkle some flour on your surface work and with rolling bin forms the dough into a rectangle shape of 1  inch thick, cut it diagonally in half, cut each half  into stripes of about 2 1\2 inchs wide.
Fold it into thirds set in the baking sheet and let it rise again about 10 minutes.

For topping mix the milk and egg with honey and brush the bread.

 bb b gc

 Put in the oven at 400 f  for about 25-30 minutes.