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As it also  known as ‘ The Palestinians Grits Soup’ or ‘Freekey Soup’,  a very nutritious and delicious soup specially in the holly month of Ramadan and a traditional hometown recipe.

The grains known as ‘Freekey’ or Greenwheat, Because the grains are harvested while still young, Freekeh contain more protein, vitamins than the same mature grain. It is  low carb, high in fibre, they roast the grains that will give it a smoky flavor.

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  The Greenwheat can be used in a variety of ways, It’s good to cook it by itself  like a rice as a side dish for many stews, or use it for stuffing.

In this soup recipe the variations is wide open, you can add meat instead of the chicken as it’s more famous with  the meat, or leave it as a vegetarian soup without any meat addition  just add vegetable with the broth to add more values to the soup, or you may add rice with the wheat in the soup.

It’s good in hot days of summer as a light lunch meal, simple but satisfying.

 Wheat and Chicken Soup


1  cup dried wheat 

1  sweet or yellow onion

chicken with bones

 a dash from each of spices like (cardamom, coriander, sweet pepper, black pepper, cumin, salt)

 Cut the chicken in pieces, chop the onion  add it with the chicken in the cooking pot, add water to cover the chicken and flavor it with the spices, let it cook for 20 minutes, drain the stock and don’t discard (we will use it to cook the wheat),  let the chicken to cool a little.

During that time clean and pick the wheat, you might see some small pits of stones with it, wash it with water, add it to the chicken stock and leave it covered to cook on low heat it will to take about 1 hour.

Take the bones from the chicken and cut it into small pieces using the fork, add it again with the wheat when it’s done, add water if it need because the wheat will absorb a lot of water, and cook for 10 minutes more .

You can add some minced parsley at the top of your bowl of soup.