Let me take a chance here to show you what I’m growing at my vegetable and herb garden.

Eating fresh-picked sweet-pepper or vine-ripened tomatoes is a life-altering experience. Besides, home-grown produce is more nutritious, it is an enjoyable outdoor activity especially for the kids.

Spending sometime gardening, watering the plants is so much fun and stress relief from our everyday duties. As for the kids, it’s very motivated task, filled with fun part when they sharing  watering the plants, it’s like water games for them haha…

My husband helped me built three planter boxes this year, with plastic fence around it to protect the plants from the wild rabbits. We planted many vegetables and herbs.

In this little planter bed boxed garden at my backyard, there is some tomato plants and cherry tomato

The cherry tomato, look how beautiful and delicious they are!

Our first hot-house tomato produce.

Carrots and horseradish

Cucumber and romaine lettuce

Strawberries  and sweet pepper.

In the other side there is some mint

And sage.

At my backyard dick balcony, I grew some herbs in big pots.

Here is the citronella  known as Mosquito Plant (we call it otra in arabic, and usually we put it in the hot tea, it gives the tea a very pleasant smell and taste,  like early grey tea).

Here is some greek oregano.

And german thyme.

Also some mint.

Here in a small pot of mint at the balcony.



And some dill.

isn’t it so beautiful? to have all of these fresh vegetable and herb in” Handy Mandy” use every time you look for special recipes you want to make.