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One of the famous middle eastern barbecue dip. A side dish served usually with meat, chicken or fish barbecue, kebab and kofta, it can be served hot or cold.
Very delicious, especially with plenty of olive oil, it combines the sweet taste from barbecuing the tomato and the sour taste, with the distinguished flavour of herbs like parsley and garlic. Serve with pita bread.
Can be cooked in the oven or stove top, but on the grill it give it very rich flavour.

Roasted Tomato with Pepper & Garlic

4 large fresh tomatoes
1 green pepper slightly hot
4-5 garlic cloves
1\2 cup minced parsley
salt black pepper
dash of cinnamon
olive oil

Clean the tomato cut it into big pieces, along with some garlic cloves minced, and the chopped parsley and cutted green pepper. if you like the heat you can use any kind of hot pepper, dash of black pepper, salt.

Cover with aluminum foil and put it on the grill, make sure the pot is heat resistant and high sided, put the grill  and cook it on medium low heat for a bout 20-30 min, check for it, add olive oil , more salt if needed, press the tomato with the fork to break it into small pieces, mix  and serve with plenty of pita ships.