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My kids just started today with a new level in their swimming classes at the YMCA, which they started 2 years ago. They’re very excited as am I. Their trainers said: they’re doing very good improvement and putting so much hard work during the classes.
Mr. B now in youth II level on the last phase, that is the Fish phase, the next phases will be for the strong swimmers level and he is too excited to be up for the next. Mr A is in youth II level too, phase Minnow. Mr Z in the preschooler level I.
Swimming not only built their personalities, but something to keep them buzzy especially during the summer break. That’s also what give me the free time to do my workout in the gym during their training too.
So after all of the hard work we do, we need some quick satisfying meal, and whats better than sandwiches, what makes these sandwiches special is the way I roasted the beef slices, yes I know it’s already roasted, but when you add the spices and reroasting them this will give it much flavor, and you will be surprised how much fat are in their, and all will melt during the roasting.

Roast Beef Wrap

red cabbage coleslaw mix
flour tortillas any flavour
baby spinach or arugula
sliced roast beef
sliced Cheddar

For roasting the beef:

black pepper
all spice
olive oil

Arrange the beef slices over an oven sheet pan, sprinkle with the spices, drizzle with some olive oil, dig it in a preheated oven on 420 f for 15 -20 min.

For the red cabbage coleslaw:

1 cup finely shredded red cabbage
2 tablespoon mayo
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1\2 teaspoon vinegar
1\2 teaspoon sugar
salt and black pepper

In a medium bowl, Fold in the coleslaw mix and toss to combine, test the taste, chill in the fridge.

To assemble the sandwiches:
Dividing evenly, top the tortillas (I used roasted tomato tortilla) with the spinach, roast beef, Cheddar, and slaw.
Roll up tightly, folding in the sides.

Enjoy these light and delicious sandwiches.