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Traditional pudding is made with finely milled rice flour, seasoned with cinnamon and caraway and garnished with pistachios, pine nuts, raisins and almonds. Usually Served after women giving birth.


Today I am a guest posting over at Give Recipe, it’s my first guest post, though. Zerrin gave birth to her first child, so cute little and lovely boy, she asked me to be her guest. She prepared some posts to share on her blog while she is out, in order to give time for herself with the new baby and to enjoy being a mom.


Zerrin over her blog Give Recipe, likes to share her turkish heritage, food cuisine and culture, in a way to let us travel through her lovely recipes and charming food pictures with a variety of kebab dishes, fyllo pies, sweets and turkish delights, and nutty, syrupy pastries, to know more about this sophisticated and rich cuisine.

When Zerrin contacted me about the guest post, I gladly told her About some recipes that had been photographed lately and are in editing phase. The surprising, I couldn’t decide which one to post for her. Then I remembered a recipe that my aunt (also she’s my mother in law) used to make for me after giving birth, the spiced rice pudding will be perfect.


The secret to preparing this traditional celebratory pudding is in the stirring: ……

You know what, I think it’s better you go a head to Zerrin’s blog and you can continue reading the post and more of this recipe secrets here. I hope you take the time to check out the rest of Zerrin’s gorgeous blog, you’ll be glad you did.

Happy digging….:)

And many thanks to Zerrin for this opportunity, I was so happy writing to your’s.